STAARS & TEKS Coordinated

Building Good Citizens for Texas is fully compliant with requirements set down by STAARS, TEKS and the mandates of the Texas Legislature. Our Texas Character Education program meets and exceeds these mandates.

More Time to Teach!

When respect is shown in the classroom, precious minutes are no longer wasted on discipline issues and the academic achievements of your students increase.

Character Education For Texas

The Character Education Program "Building Good Citizens for Texas" was founded to help Texas educators integrate Character education into their classrooms.

Character Education has been in American schools for many years.  In some instances Character Education programs rely on a daily mini-class, while some give values instruction only once a week.  We now know that such an approach is not enough to positively affect a child's behavior.  Those educators who have adopted an integrative approach, and who teach values within all school activities have reported some positive results, but have relied primarily on anecdotal evidence to prove the advantages of such inclusion.

However a recent report in Journal of Research in Character Education provides sound evidence indicating the effectiveness of including the teaching and modeling of values into all aspects of the school experience.

Many districts have implemented a wide variety of programs to address specific issues such as bullying, disrespect, stealing, and many more challenges facing educators today. We are now learning that a broader approach is needed, an initiative that provides a positive, practical and cost-effective approach to improving school climate and preparing students for “life after school”.

Building Good Citizens for Texas does just that. The values message in this K-12 Character Education program is integrated in the classroom as well as in all other activities of the school day. The program involves entire school staffs, families, churches and entire communities.

Contact us today to find out how the integrated character education program that "Building Good Citizens for Texas" utilizes can work in your school.